Configuring filters

Filtered HTML vs Full HTML

In "Administer -> Input formats", Filtered HTML is the default filter. Due to security reasons, enabling Full HTML is only an option for trusted users.

What can you do to take the full advantage of using FCKeditor?

The first thing to do is to extend the list of allowed tags to:

<a> <p> <span> <div> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <img> <map> <area> 
<hr> <br> <br /> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <table> <tr> <td> <em> 
<b> <u> <i> <strong> <font> <del> <ins> <sub> <sup> <quote> <blockquote> 
<pre> <address> <code> <cite> <embed> <object> <strike> <caption>

But there is still one problem: Filtered HTML not only strips disallowed tags, but also strips inline style definitions. Basically, it means that you are unable to apply different font color, size, family etc. using FCKeditor 2.5 out of the box.

Don't worry, you still have at least three ways of dealing with it:

  1. Allow trusted users to use Full HTML and accept that other users will have limited functionality, e.g. assign to their profile a different, simpler toolbar
  2. Modify fckeditor.config.js so that FCKeditor used the old-fashion way of applying styles - using <font> tag... remember it's your choice ;)
    so if you really want to do this, add these lines at the end of fckeditor.config.js:
    FCKConfig.CoreStyles['FontFace'] = 
    	Element		: 'font', 
    	Attributes : { 'face' : '#("Font")' }
    FCKConfig.CoreStyles['Size'] = 
    	Element		: 'font', 
    	Attributes : { 'size' : '#("Size","fontSize")' }
    FCKConfig.CoreStyles['Color'] = 
    	Element		: 'font', 
    	Attributes : { 'color' : '#("Color","color")' }
    FCKConfig.FontSizes	= '1/xx-small;2/x-small;3/small;4/medium;5/large;6/x-large;7/xx-large' ;

    with this code, you are able to use 'FontFormat','FontName','FontSize','TextColor' buttons/combo boxes even with Filtered HTML.
  3.  Instead of using 4 buttons for formatting text: 'FontFormat','FontName','FontSize','TextColor' use only one 'Style' button with predefined styles in fckstyles.xml.

 Line break converter

 The other thing that may be irritating when using rich text editor is Line break converter. Since you are using "WYSIWYG" editor, you don't want to have your source code parsed again by Drupal, because you have already placed page breaks where you had to do it. In other words, you might probably want to disable that feature.